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Since the picture was so tiny, I figured I’d upload these.

Played a Tumblr game where you clicked on a random doll generator and which ever doll generator you got, you had to make a self portrait of yourself with it. I got this neato dragon one.

It’s really hard to not make yourself look cool since it’s with friggin’ dragons, and I know I’m not this neat but it was fun to play with.

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Welp, battle ponies then turned to creepy ponies due to this blog here:

And now I am addicted to drawing creepy ponies…

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Finally got the nerve to post these…

Tried emulating someone’s paintings from PIXIV into ponies and… It was kind of successful… Still gotta work on getting better and I also gotta find someone else to emulate off of. xD;

Original paintings (of the men) belong to this amazing person:

OBVIOUS inspiration by this other amazing person:

Sqiddlewings belongs to:

Funshine Belongs to:

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Some drawings of sober and not-so-sober Sugar/Sucre (and of course her little Dummies). I plan on rping her in Maison De Portes so I did these for icons and a full body reference. c:

PS: I have a headcanon where she is super weak to poison, despite what her Wide Angle description says. If you haven’t already, the next time you face her, try poisoning her with Awaiting Embrace.

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